Vedett - Celebrating The Sttupid

Johan Kramer directs a series of three parts, each shining a light on its unique and original character. The three individuals are all people who have paved their own path, staying true to their quirks and peculiarities. The portraits form the foundation for Natwerk’s new campaign for Vedett, ‘Celebrating the sttupid’.

“I have tried to make the portraits as quirky as the three main characters themselves. The form is a sort of analog extravaganza. We used different, old 16mm camera’s as well as expired photorolls from 1983, that all contribute to an unique and intimate colour palette. I consider this campaign as an ode to individuality and playfulness.” – Johan Kramer

Directed by Johan Kramer
Produced by Halal
Agency: Natwerk
Music by Super Awesome Studios